Since joining the team in 2018, Naomi Scott’s personal preference has seen her ride a standard fibreglass racing mal throughout her entire career. 
Unaware of the new construction and without the ability of choice, the 2022 Lifesaving World Championships saw Scott discover a newfound confidence within herself and her now, carbon fibre Hextek board.
Jumping onto her borrowed craft just hours prior to the commencement of competition, a stressed Scott was pleasantly surprised. 
“Paddling an unknown board for the first time leading into a major event, I was so stressed,” she said. 
“But I was able to pull it smoothly through the water, moving forward, feeling light and at ease.”
Bringing home 3 individual silvers and a bronze in the Open Women’s World Board Final, Scott was interested to learn that her craft was not only carbon fibre, but a new construction entirely. 
“I felt like I was at one with the board"
“The construction allowed me to feel connected to my craft, giving me the ability to move the board across the water effortlessly.”
Continuing through 2022/23 season with her new Hextek racing mal, a confident Scott believes surf racing is all about how you feel on your craft.
“Confidence in your craft creates confidence within yourself” 
February 27, 2023 — Michelle Hunnybun