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DEEP Riot Touring 12'6 SUP - Ex Demo/Team Rider

Availability: CUSTOM ORDER ONLY - Please email info@dolphinsurf.com.au
$800.00 $1,450.00


Built to take on the ocean in any condition. Wider Tail Design influenced by its bigger brother the Dryft aids in the ability to pick up runners from out the back whilst also providing the needed stability when punching through the waves on your way out. Lesser Volume in the tail makes this a very quick board with a tight turning circle helping you navigate those tight competitive “CAN” turns.

More stability for its shorter length is one of the main differences from its longer brothers, this comes from the Harder Rail design. Light Weight Carbon materials have been used on this board to give it tough durability without weight compromise. This board is mean, it’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s versatile, it’s your Swiss Army Knife. 


– 12’6” x 24” @ 244 litres
– 12’6” x 26” @ 265 litres
– 12’6” x 28” @ 285 litres


Please NoteThese are Ex-Demo/Team Rider boards so will have the usual wear and tear expected of boards used in this nature. We will ensure the boards are cleaned and marks removed to the best of our ability. If you wish to see more specific photos of boards, please send us an email and we will be happy to help!