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Dawn Paddle Top

Availability: CUSTOM ORDER ONLY - Please email info@dolphinsurf.com.au

Our dawn paddle top is our product of choice for summer paddling made of an Ultra light breathable mesh its is extremely lightweight and stretchy. Comfortable to wear and keeps you cool and protected from the sun on the warmest day

Trialed on 44degrees at Penrith during the Australian Kayaking Granprix !


The reflective stripe on the shoulder will keep you visible on those early morning paddles. The stripe will reflect the lights off your headlights or nearby boats and keep you visible in the dark


Key features "

- Sun protection

- Relax fit & Flatlock stitching for maximum comfort

- Super soft and lightweight mesh fabric

- Reflective print on the sleeves for maximum safety on those early morning paddles. ​


Perfect for Surfski paddling, Paddle boarding, stand up Paddling, Outrigger Canoeing or any Surf Sport