DEEP Fireball 14' Pro Tech

$2,195.00 $2,895.00


The new look Fireball is designed for one thing only .... to burn speed, just ask Takayo Yokohama who took out three World ICF Championships in 2019. This flat water board with world beating pedigree sees even more improvements to increase speed along with more ability to handle chop if the wind comes up. Great glide helps the paddler get up to speed faster and more importantly maintain pace, the 2022 fire ball see many refinements.

Improved is the entry and exit, plus redistributed volume to provide a very balanced feel, with more volume in the tail providing a very stable platform. Light weight stiff carbon construction will fully unleash the beast within you. The Fireball...your versa companion.

- 14’ x 21” @ 255 litres
- 14’ x 23” @ 280 litres
- 14’ x 25” @ 307 litres

Included is a Full Carbon Race Fin!