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DEEP surf foil board

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If you thought SUP took the water sports world by storm, then you ain’t seen
nothing yet! Captivating people from all water disciplines whether it’s a SUP or
Surfboard, foiling is here to stay and it’s absolutely exploding. Master shaper
Simon Hunnybun teamed up with longboard and SUP surf legend Jackson Close
and all-round waterman Lincoln Dews to bring you DEEP’s new range of foil
boards. All boards feature a light concave deck for easy foot location and added
responsiveness while advanced beveled rails ensure catch free turning and
effortless flight. There’s also plenty of hidden volume to make paddling out and
getting another ride that much easier. Constructed in our Pro Surf Vector
construction and featuring our Two1 reinforced mounting box means you can
choose between a tuttle or plate foil system, all with one simple box.