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Little Rippas Soft Sup - Whale Froth

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Every Little Rippas Kids SUP comes with:
  • a set of fins
  • a legrope
  • an adjustable paddle

    THE WHALE FROTH is designed for maximum fun while creating great stability with the widest point directly below the standing position. The Whale Froth is designed to shred in all conditions but with the stability to be a flatwater cruiser. The three-fin thruster set-up ensures manoeuvrability in the surf and its streamlined design enables maximum progression in minimal time.


    • Weight        6.5kg
    • Length        6.7ft 
    • Width          26in
    • Thickness  4in
    • Volume       84l
    • 3ml soft EVA crocodile skin deck grip to the deck and rails for comfort and safety
    • Thick rubber rubber stoppers on either end for safety
    • Handle off-centre for ease of carrying for little arms
    • FCSII plug system to allow for multi-use fins
    • Lightweight and durable fused cell EPS foam blank
    • Two 5ml plywood stringers for extra strength
    • Wrapped in 2 x 6oz single layer fiberglass shells
    • Thin bamboo laminate on the deck to add more strength when kids are in the standing position
    • 3 x plastic thruster fins
    • Leash – 7ml chord and rail saver
    • Adjustable paddle to suit any child’s height plus small handle to fit comfortably into little hands